Founders Frangelic Mountain Brown Label

Once a one-off taproom-only offering, Founders fans have been looking forward to release of Frangelic Mountain Brown since it was confirmed to be next up in the Backstage Series, which includes Blushing Monk, CBS, and Better Half.

Frangelic Mountain Brown (9% ABV) is brewed with hazelnut coffees, giving it “distinct aromatics with sweet and nutty flavors beautifully balanced.” It's the brewery’s first brown ale and first bottled offering brewed with hazelnut coffees.

Though most will have to wait until July 2nd when it's officially released to the public, some lucky shoppers in Charleston, SC have already found it on shelves, per this BA thread. Though I imagine Founders didn't sanction this early release, they'll probably be pleased with the first review on BA...

“If you're looking for perfection in a brown ale, this is the closest I've found... This is absolutely superb... A must try for sure.”

Naturally, a few Frangelic Mountain Brown beer auctions are already on eBay.

Update June 18, 2012: Looks like two of these have already sold for $45.

Founders Frangelic Mountain Brown Auctions

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