Firestone Walker XV Anniversary Ale

Just like Three Floyds, Firestone Walker is celebrating their 15th anniversary with a blended beer. The new Firestone Walker Fifteen, or XV, is a blend of eight (yes, 8) Firestone Walker beers with 76% barleywine, 19% stout and 5% Imperial IPA — including Parabola. More XV blending details here.

“As a finished beer, XV is alive with amazing complexity and yet it is quite possibly the most integrated and seamless blend yet.”

Below is the first XV to make its way to eBay, which as of this writing has only one bid for $10. As with past FW Anniversary beers, you'll likely see plenty on eBay in the future despite “very limited” availability.

Update : Nov 16, 2011 :: The first auction ended on November 14th at $45.44 with 21 bids, which is about the average per-bottle price on the four auctions so far.

More Firestone Walker Anniversary Beer Auctions

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