Bottles of Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout come off the bottling line.

Yesterday Goose Island teased Bourbon County Stout and coffee lovers everywhere with some incredible beer-porn — a photo of the 2011 Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout coming off the bottling line.

After a one-year hiatus, this is one release that will almost certainly live up to the hype. To date the beer has a perfect 100 rating on Beer Advocate (rAvg: 4.52) and a near perfect 100/99 on Rate Beer.

Notably, this year's offering will feature Intelligentsia Anjilanaka coffee beans from Bolivia whereas the 2010 version used the syrupy and sweet Black Cat Espresso Beans.

“Silky and smooth on the palate, this year's Anjilanaka brings a balanced and steady character. White grape, honey and apple skin notes give dimension without sacrificing delicacy. Burnt caramel and hazelnut notes mark the finish.”

Per the Goose Island Facebook post the Bourbon County Coffee Stout will “take some time to go through our wholesale channels before it hits retail shelves.” And you know once that happens, they'll be all over eBay for astronomical prices.

Update January 24, 2012: According to a recent BA post from Goose Island Brand Director Adam Lilly, “the first cases have begun leaving the warehouse” and “you can expect to start seeing deliveries from wholesalers to retailers in the next couple days through the next couple of weeks.”

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