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A few days ago Yahoo! Health posted an article about the “10 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer.”

Here's a quick summary:

  1. Stronger Bones

    Beer, especially Pale Ale, contains high levels of silicon which has been linked to bone health. (source)

  2. A Stronger Heart

    Over 100 studies show moderate drinking trims risk of heart attacks and dying from cardiovascular disease. (source)

  3. Healthier Kidneys

    A study in Finland found each bottle of beer men drank daily lowered their risk of developing kidney stones. (source)

  4. Boosting Brain Health

    Research say that a beer a day may help keep Alzheimer’s and other dementia at bay. (source)

  5. Reduced Cancer Risk

    A study found that marinating steak in beer eliminates nearly 70% of the carcinogens. (source)

  6. Boosting Vitamin Levels

    A Dutch study found that beer-drinkers had 30 percent higher levels of vitamin B6. (source)

  7. Guarding Against Stroke

    Researchers found moderate amounts of beer help prevent clots that cause ischemic stroke. (source)

  8. Reduced Risk for Diabetes

    Researchers found that alcohol increases insulin sensitivity, protecting against diabetes. (source)

  9. Lower Blood Pressure

    A Harvard study found moderate beer drinkers less likely to develop high blood pressure. (source)

  10. Longer Life

    In a review of 50 studies, the USDA reported that moderate drinkers live longer. (source)

So there you have it. Not only does beer make you live longer, but there are least nine more good reasons to buy beer online.

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